We cooperate with Right Holders, Law Offices, Internet Service Providers, Advertising Agencies and National Police. We provide information about sharing/downloading content via Bittorrent Network all over the world.


We have several API to provide information:

  • Peer API provides information about sharing/downloading by IP. You could check particular IP address or whole CIDR block.
  • Content API provides information about IP addresses which were sharing/downloading particular content. You could get torrent information, IP list or consolidated reports (by countries and across the world). We classify torrent files and define IMDB ID for movies.
  • Online API provides notificaion about sharing/downloading by IP in realtime. Notification includes IP address, Bittorrent client port, infohash and torrent files and any other useful information. Notification rules could be defined by multiple criterias (IMDB ID, Software, Games, Child Pornography or any Pornography, IP address or CIDR block, Geodata). You could get notifications via email or HTTP REST.
We can develop any other API based on our data for your needs. We are open to all kind of cooperation and suggestions. You can email us [email protected]