About us

How we collect data

Our system collects torrent files in two ways: parsing torrent sites and listening DHT network. We have more than 500.000 torrents which where classified and which are using now for collecting peer sharing facts (up to 700.000.000 daily). We don't guarantee we can show ALL peer sharing facts:

  • Single IP address could be assigned to multiple users. It depends on user's ISP. For example mobile operators often used this schema.
  • IP address could be dynamic. In such case it changes every time user connects to the Internet or periodically.
  • User could donwload torrent which we don't have


We don't hosts or makes available any of contents, files, torrents or magnet links. But if you think you have some DMCA notice, write to us.


We can:

  • Provide API to get raw data or aggregated content reports
  • Make recommendations for IP address based on torrents downloading
  • Help you to protect you digital content in torrent network
  • Catch users who shares some content via torrent network (with TCP dump to prove it)
  • Find users who shares child porno
  • And more other things
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